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Providing impactful and engaging learning recovery support beyond the school day for PreK-8th grade

Put the power of learning in your pocket

Let’s keep those young minds active. Rooted in our mission to create and curate the best active-learning educational resources, we want to help kids make the most of their out-of-school-time learning experiences.

We've curated our fan-favorite on-demand videos, lessons, and off-screen activities to reinforce, stimulate, and engage minds

Why You Should Join Us

Adventure 2 Learning: OTG allows your child to be part of an active learning community - joined by thousands of kids from around the country. Our on-demand content and lessons include experts and special guests from all across the world. With our mix of on-demand and recorded classes, your kids can be anywhere or on any device and tune in to safe, secure, and quality educational lessons and conversations they can't get from anywhere else.

Adventure 2 Learning's digital library of core and emerging topics have been widely used by schools and teachers over the last 12 years by offering engaging supplemental videos and resources.  Due to distance learning needs with COVID, we expanded our offerings to provide additional enrichment content to reinforce core academics and provide kids with access to a broader education, with access to classes in art, theatre, music, mindfulness, SEL, fitness, and more. 

We know that engaging videos and resources, along with a personalized approach have tangible effects on children's education and future success.

What Do We Offer?

  • All content is created and/or curated by subject area experts to ensure accuracy and grade-level validity

  • Unlimited classes per child

  • All content is secure for members only

  • Tailored to students’ levels, interests, and needs

  • New content is added regularly based on interest and demand

  • All live events are recorded and made available for unlimited viewing

What Makes Us Different?

  • Quality, vetted content

  • Fast and easy to use

  • Flexibility

  • 24/7 access

  • Helps learners reinforce, re-engage, and rediscover interests and inspiration

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"My kids loved the videos and they went through them whenever they could!"

"As an only child, this platform made my daughter feel connected."

"The topics are extensive and interesting. Definitely a wonderful experience!"

"Kids can stream content almost anywhere, but knowing that my child has access to these amazing and educational videos gives me peace of mind."

"This was a huge saver since our traditional summer camp was closed this year. My child was very excited to watch the art classes with Heidi. She has her artwork proudly displayed in her room and around the house."


President, Adventure 2 Learning: [email protected]

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